• Stay Strong During Lockdown Extension

    Stay Strong During Lockdown Extension

    As the lockdown continues till May 3rd, don't let it take a toll on your physical and mental health. Try some of our helpful tips during this extension:

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  • BPL For Women: Employee Insights

    BPL For Women: Employee Insights

    Last 5 years, the women workforce in India rose from 21% to 30% now. It's possible to have a job and enjoy it too. It’s 2020, and many women are now eager to work in the professional sectors. There are many examples of women leading the way. And I know that many companies are now.

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  • It’s Time to End Tuberculosis

    It’s Time to End Tuberculosis

    Tuberculosis is an often-overlooked disease. Many might question the importance of learning more about this illness. However, a lack of awareness and preparedness can cause this disease to fast spiral out of control, affecting many immunocompromised communities. So what is tuberculosis, or TB? TB is a communicable disease brought about in people by Mycobacterium tuberculosis...

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  • Heart-Healthy Valentine

    Heart-Healthy Valentine

    It’s Valentine’s Day, and, American Heart Month! It’s the perfect time to take stock of your heart. Due to its place as the center of your cardiovascular system, maintaining good heart health can have a positive impact on your body’s daily functions, and making some healthy choices that will help reduce the risk of heart...

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  • Coronavirus: What You Need to Know!

    Coronavirus: What You Need to Know!

    Background On 31st December 2019, reports of a new virus originating in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China spread across the world. The Chinese authorities identified this strain as coronavirus, part of a family of viruses usually cause upper respiratory diseases, from the common cold to rarer diseases like SARS and MERS. Due to the nature...

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  • Cervical Cancer- Everything You Want to Know

    Cervical Cancer- Everything You Want to Know

    As soon as you hear the word ‘cancer’, there is a sense of panic that sets in. No one would wish for themselves or any of their friends/relatives to suffer from a disease like cervical cancer. However, you would do well to note that most cases of cervical cancer are preventable with the aid of...

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