At BPL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED , a company incorporated and registered in India and having its registered office at 11th KM, Bannerghatta Road, Arakere, BANGALORE-560 076, Karnataka, India and its affiliates (“BPL Medtech”) we are committed to ensuring the privacy of every person who shares if any information with BPL Medtech. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) read along with the terms and conditions governing in the Agreement.


When Users provide their Data in case needed and or applicable to us or when they click on the “I Accept” button at the end of the Terms or make use of the Application or the Services, the Users are deemed to have consented to the collection, storage, use, processing and transfer of Data in the manner as set out in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy is subject to further change. All changes to the Privacy Policy will be uploaded on this page on the Site and the same will become effective from the date the same are uploaded. Whenever the Privacy Policy is changed Users will be notified for their acceptance. The Users continued use of the Site or the Application or the Services after such changes constitute the Users acceptance of the new terms.


We may collect the Medical Data if required and or any Personal Data to access the Application and or avail the full range of services from BPL Medtech. BPL Medtech reserve the right to cancel or refuse the Users download and /or refuse to provide the access to the Application if it is brought to BPL Medtech notice or if it is discovered that users cannot legally binding contracts. In addition, Personal Data may include other items of information such as:

  • (i) Name
  • (ii) Address
  • (iii) Sex
  • (iv) Date of birth
  • (v) Contact number
  • (vi) Address
  • (vii) Email address


The Data that is collected may be used for:

  • (i) transmission to medical professionals / doctors for advisory services if required,
  • (ii) processing as may be required to enable the provision of advisory services,
  • (iii) storage on own or third party servers,
  • (iv) de-identification and use of the same for data analytics.
  • (v) Designing and improving the Application, and Services
  • (vi) Marketing and promotion
  • (vii) Communication


BPL Medtech may disclose and transfer Users Data within and outside of the jurisdiction of the User in accordance with the following:

(i) We may disclose the Data to our independent contractors, vendors and suppliers including but not limited to telephone service providers, payment gateway providers, web and data hosting providers (collectively, "Outside Contractors") who are engaged to provide BPL Medtech specific services and products related to the Purposes (including services and products related to the Device).

(ii) We may make disclosures to our group companies.

(iii) We may make disclosures to third parties, in the event of a merger or acquisition, where all or a portion of BPL Medtech’s business or assets (including our associated customer lists containing Personal Data) are sold or transferred to a third party.

(iv) We may make disclosure where required by applicable law or pursuant to summons, judicial orders, governmental investigations or proceedings, or to establish or exercise the legal rights of BPL Medtech or defend against legal claims.

(v) We may make disclosures if we need to notify or assist in notifying a family member, personal representative, or another person responsible for a Users and or Consumer care and general condition.

(vi) We along with the Outside Contractors reserve the right to utilize, modify, alter, revise, and / or develop the Data collected from the Users, without compromising with the privacy and anonymity of the User.


User consents and permits BPL Medtech and Outside Contractors to use the Data collected for the following purposes only–

(i) transmission to medical professionals / doctors for advisory services,

(ii) processing as may be required to enable the provision of advisory services,

(iii) storage on own or third party servers,

(iv) de-identification and use of the same for data analytics.

(v) Designing and improving the Application, Site and Services

(vi) Marketing and promotion

(vii) Communication

(viii) Collecting and refunding payments (as may be applicable)

BPL Medtech will use User Data for the above purposes and will not use, and/or allow third parties to use the Data for a different purpose without getting User permission in advance.


BPL Medtech takes every effort to protect against unauthorized access to individuals' Data. All Data is protected by industry standard encryption technologies and is handled securely within BPL Medtech. Users agree and acknowledge that they are aware that BPL Medtech has implemented such security measures and that such measures are adequate for the protection of their Data.

When we share or transfer any Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, we will undertake reasonable efforts to ensure that the transferee maintains or adopts security practices and procedures which are at least as stringent as the security practices and procedures we follow.

While BPL Medtech will endeavor to take all reasonable and appropriate steps to keep secure any information which we hold about the Users and prevent unauthorized access, the Users acknowledge that the internet is not 100% secure and that we cannot provide any absolute assurance regarding the security of Users information over the internet. BPL Medtech will not be liable in any way in relation to any breach of security and/or unintended loss or disclosure of any information.


We use cookies, web beacons, web server logs and other automated means for purposes such as (i) customizing Users visits to Sites; (ii) delivering content tailored to our Users interests and the manner in which Users browse Sites; and (iii) managing Sites and other aspects of business.


The Application may contain links to other websites and software. We are not responsible for any breach of privacy or the content of these websites or software. Please visit the privacy policy of these third party websites in order to understand their privacy and information collection practices.


If Users believes that any Users Information that BPL Medtech is holding about such User (or part thereof) is incorrect or incomplete, then Users may write to or email BPL Medtech, at this email address [javascript protected email address]. BPL Medtech will promptly take all reasonable efforts to incorporate the changes, and correct any information found to be incorrect.


We have nominated the Customer Support Manager at BPL Medtech as the Grievance Officer who Users may approach if they have any grievance with respect to the processing and use of their Application. Users may contact this officer at [javascript protected email address]


Users are not allowed to utilise the application and or and services of BPL Medtech or engage with BPL Medtech if any of the terms of this Privacy Policy are not in accordance with the laws applicable to such Users. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement to the contrary, the obligations of the Users will be subject to all laws, present and future, of any government having jurisdiction over the Users, and to orders, regulations, directions or requests of any such government.


If Users have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, e-mail us at: [javascript protected email address]

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