LED Phototherapy: Newborn Jaundice Treatment

Newborn babies need to be given the best treatment with the highest standards of care. Experienced clinicians and hospitals have specialized medical equipment to provide the best possible treatment to newborn babies. 

Newborns are often born with diseases like jaundice also known as newborn/ neonatal jaundice. Neonatal jaundice is treated using a special method known as phototherapy. Read below to better understand this disease and the devices that are used for treatment.

Newborn Jaundice

Newborn jaundice is the yellowing of a newborn baby’s skin and eyes. It is a very common disease and can occur in newborn babies having a high level of bilirubin, a yellow pigment produced during the normal breakdown of red blood cells.

Approximately 60% of term babies and 85% pre-term babies develop jaundice. It usually becomes visible in 3 days. If left untreated, it can cause irreparable brain damage. 

Term Babies: Babies born after 37 weeks of gestation

Pre-term babies:  Babies born before 37 weeks of gestation.

Newborn jaundice is treated with a common and effective process called phototherapy. Before discussing treatment options, it’s important to understand how to diagnose jaundice.

Diagnosis of Newborn Jaundice

The mother and newborn are often discharged within 72 hours of delivery but the parents need to bring their babies for a checkup a few days after birth. This is because bilirubin levels peak between 3 to 7 days after birth causing jaundice.

Yellowing of the baby’s skin and eyes confirms that he/she has jaundice. Still, additional tests need to be done to determine the seriousness of the disease. Once diagnosed, jaundice is treated through phototherapy. There are various devices to assist the treatment process.


Phototherapy treatment is performed with a special type of light. This method helps to treat newborn jaundice by lowering the bilirubin levels in the baby’s blood. This process is called photo-oxidation. 

BPL Medical Technologies provides hospitals with their special range of infant care products. This assists doctors in performing phototherapy treatment to babies suffering from newborn jaundice. 

Our phototherapy products are discussed in detail below.

LED Phototherapy Products by BPL Medical Technologies

1-  Product: Blossom – 10

Mode of Operation: Single Surface Phototherapy 

Function: This is an effective method of phototherapy treatment that is safe, gentle, and easy to use. Blossom-10 provides all benefits of High Bright Blue LED technology in a compact and affordable design.

  • No Ultraviolet / No Infrared rays which may cause skin rashes (hyperthermia)
  • Meets AAP Guideline of Phototherapy 
  • Device timer tracks overall usage of the LED source

2- Product: Blossom Duo

Mode of Operation: Dual Surface Phototherapy/ High-Intensity Phototherapy

Function: This is an innovative, sleek, space-saving, contemporary design for faster and effective neonatal jaundice treatment. It has a unique dual-arm system that offers greater flexibility to cover the entire surface area of the body.

  • Unique design covers maximum body surface area, making it the equivalent of 2 phototherapy units in one single body 
  • 24 LED lamps can be modulated to provide uniform coverage based on patient needs

3- Product: Blossom 100

Mode of Operation: High-Intensity Phototherapy

Function: BPL’s Blossom-100 LED Phototherapy is equipped with intensity control facility. It has 3 independent white LED which assists in observation.

  • Micro-watt manual intensity control
  • Analogue timer for LED usage monitoring
  • 24 high bright blue LED for treatment

4-  Product: Blossom Blanket

Mode of Operation: Portable Phototherapy

Function: A Blossom blanket is a portable phototherapy device consisting of a fibre-optic pad and a portable illuminator for the treatment of neonatal jaundice. It is revolutionizing phototherapy treatment by providing a completely portable and maintenance-free system.

  • Promotes ‘kangaroo care’ and parent-infant bonding while in jaundice treatment
  • Meets international guideline for phototherapy*

At BPL Medical Technologies, we ensure that our healthcare providers don’t miss a beat in bringing safe & gentle care to the most delicate moments of a newborn’s life. Our world-class foetal and maternal monitoring solutions monitor the development of the foetus and keep the mother and the child safe before, during, and after pregnancy

We provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art equipment that can help you deliver the utmost care to newborns. For more information, read here!


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