• Coronavirus: What You Need to Know!

    Coronavirus: What You Need to Know!

    Background On 31st December 2019, reports of a new virus originating in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China spread across the world. The Chinese authorities identified this strain as coronavirus, part of a family of viruses usually cause upper respiratory diseases, from the common cold to rarer diseases like SARS and MERS. Due to the nature...

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  • Cervical Cancer- Everything You Want to Know

    Cervical Cancer- Everything You Want to Know

    As soon as you hear the word ‘cancer’, there is a sense of panic that sets in. No one would wish for themselves or any of their friends/relatives to suffer from a disease like cervical cancer. However, you would do well to note that most cases of cervical cancer are preventable with the aid of...

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  • Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle in 2020

    Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle in 2020

    2020 has begun and many of us have tried to make new resolutions for the year – with fitness being a must in this new decade. Many of us tend to relate fitness with only workouts at the gym, but forget that overall health revolves around a lot of other factors related to eating, drinking,...

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  • Ultrasounds: Not Just for Expecting Mothers!

    Ultrasounds: Not Just for Expecting Mothers!

    There are different Imaging techniques like X-rays, CT Scans, etc. which help to identify sources of particular diseases or certain defects in a human body. ‘Ultrasound’ is one of the widely used applications for Expecting mothers and Gynaecology applications. The use of Ultrasound machines is considered safer as they do not involve harmful ionized radiation....

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  • Childcare During Pregnancy

    Childcare During Pregnancy

    The experiences of a woman during her pregnancy are both exciting as well as nervous. If you are someone who has gone through pregnancy or are currently going through one, you would understand the anxiety you have to just ensure everything about the baby (in your growing belly) is perfect! It is normal to be...

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  • Defibrillators: What Do They Do?

    Defibrillators: What Do They Do?

    In this digital age, we seem to have more options for entertainment and recreation. However, our hectic lifestyle and inconsistent food habits have made us vulnerable to several diseases and some severe conditions like cardiac arrests. Gone are the days when only people with cholesterol and heart problems suffer from cardiac arrests. There are several...

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