With innovation at its core, our imaging range includes C-ARMs, Fixed and Mobile X Rays, Color Dopplers and Ultrasounds. Built on world-class technologies, our systems conform to international standards of safety and manufacturing to make sure we equip you with utmost confidence for your clinical decisions. With ergonomic design, we designed systems that are not just convenient but portable as well.

  • Digital X-Ray

    Digital radiography / Xray is a form of X-ray imaging, where digital X-ray sensors are used instead of tradition photographic film. Its advantages include time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. Also, the radiation produced is less as compared to conventional radiography

    DRF System

    DRF is a true dual-usage system that offers both digital fluoroscopy and digital radiography, performing all general fluoroscopic exams and radiographic examinations on a single table. Which provides safety, while its 43 cm x 43 cm MAX dynamic detector delivers the HQ images.

    BPL DT 570

    BPL’s DT 570 is a “all-in-one" digital radiography and fluorography with a combination of a dynamic detector which allows the ...

    DR System

    BPL’s DR systems offers reliability and performance, using the latest advancement in the field of radiology, using a digital x-ray detector to automatically acquire images while using the least amount of exposure and transfer them to a computer for viewing

    BPL DT 580

    This system has been designed as a world-class direct digital flat panel technology, and can be used in emergency, trauma and for all general radio...

    Retrofit Solution

    Upgrade your conventional X-ray modality to Digital Radiography using the retrofit Flat Panel detector system, which gives you more freedom on easy upgrading options. Wireless and wired system ensures best performance & workflow, maintains sensitivity, image quality and versatility.

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      BPL EVS 3643

      BPL EVS 3643

      BPL EVS 3643 is a 14 x17” Wireless portable Flat X-ray Panel detector that provides limitless portability with reliable operations

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      BPL EVS 4343

      BPL EVS 4343

      BPL EVS 4343 is a 17” X17” Wired Flat Panel X-ray detector that provides excellent image quality with reliable operations

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