Mother and Child Care

At BPL, we ensure you don’t miss a beat in bringing safe & gentle care into the most delicate moments of every mother and a new-life, with innovations in precision maternal monitoring equipment. Our world-class foetal and maternal monitoring solution monitors development of the foetus and keeps the mother and the child safe before, during and after pregnancy. High quality images of our Colposcopes and clear audible heart beat simulations of our Foetal dopplers offer most efficient, precise and reliable care. We provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art equipment ranges that can help you deliver utmost care for the mother and the new born right from the scratch.

  • NICU (BPL Lowenstien)

    BPL Lowenstien presents innovative ventilation technology for small premature infants neonates and children (up to 30kgs).


    The ventilator is a machine designed to move breathable air into and out of the lungs, to provide breathing for a patient who are physically unable to breathe or breathing insufficiently. BPL’s Ventilators offers respiratory Support for Invasive/Non-Invasive applications, with a full bandwidth of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for innovative and intuitive ventilation.

    Leoni Plus HFO

    Leoni Plus, a Intensive Care ventilator with dedicated applications for premature infants and children weighing up to 30kgs. The device is suitable...

Business Enquiry

BPL products and devices offer cutting-edge transformational medical technologies through years of research and experience. Please reach out to us and we will collaborate with you to enhance your operations and introduce you to the world of BPL excellence.