Critical Care and Surgery

We understand that every second is critical when it comes to life-saving moments, and our solutions ensure that you are well equipped to manage them with utmost confidence. Offering best-in-class workstations, syringe and volumetric pumps and user-friendly patient monitors, we ensure to go an extra mile to make patient safety and reliability our prerogative.

  • Vaporizer

    Built with world class technology, BPL’s Penlon Sigma Delta anaesthesia vaporizers are designed to deliver the right concentration of anaesthetic vapour per clinical needs and pharmaceutical parameters. They are available in Isoflourane, Sevoflourane, Haloflourane and Desflourane variants.

    Penlon Sigma Delta Vaporizer

    The ultra-low weight Sigma Delta Vaporizers deliver accurate concentrations under varying conditions of flow rate, temperature and pressure particu...

Business Enquiry

BPL products and devices offer cutting-edge transformational medical technologies through years of research and experience. Please reach out to us and we will collaborate with you to enhance your operations and introduce you to the world of BPL excellence.