Pioneers in cardiology, BPL's offerings range from Electrocardiographs, Defibrillators, Stress Test Systems, Holter monitors to consumables and accessories. Being the first in India to introduce ECG in 1967, BPL's strong foothold in the cardiac segment equips you with the latest softwares and technologies that are future ready today. BPL also integrates Glasgow Algorithm, one of the world's best interpretation algorithm that uses age, gender and race with high levels of accuracy. We make sure that no stone is untouched when it comes to assisting your cardiac needs.

  • Oxygen Concentrators

    Oxygen concentrators are used for oxygen therapy intended for hospital and homecare use. Designed with pressure swing adsorption Technology and has functionalities like built-in nebulizer, LCD screen, Purity indicator, Timer function & storage compartment.

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BPL products and devices offer cutting-edge transformational medical technologies through years of research and experience. Please reach out to us and we will collaborate with you to enhance your operations and introduce you to the world of BPL excellence.