C - RAY Prime

C - RAY Prime

BPL C-Ray Prime adds new dimensions to Surgical Imaging through its unique TouchX technology which enables Live Fluoroscopy display, Real time Image management, Laser Aimer operations, Digital Preview Collimation etc., from the touch control panel. It comes with superior design for effortless operations and could be used for multiple clinical applications. Equipped with 40 KHZ, 3.5 KW High Frequency generator, BPL C-Ray Prime offers a World Class Surgical Imaging experience at low dose.
C - RAY Prime


  • Convenient Foot Brake

    Convenient Foot Brake

    Efficient foot brake is located on the right side of the console to ensure convenience

  • Dual Foldable Monitors

    Dual Foldable Monitors

    Modular workstation with dual foldable high resolution monitors and spill proof keyboard.

  • Intelligent Steering

    Intelligent Steering

    Equipped with an intelligent steering mechanism with 180 degrees wheel rotation.

  • Low Lateral Height

    Low Lateral Height

    Low lateral height of 104cm ensures operator comfort by minimizing need for table movement

  • Quarter Turn Locking Mechanism

    Quarter Turn Locking Mechanism

    Equipped with effortless quarter turn locking mechanism and aluminium extruded 'Rust Free' vertical columns for silent up/down movement

  • Unobstructed patient access

    Unobstructed patient access

    Arc depth of 63 cm and clearance of 76 cm for unobstructed patient access

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