BPL X-Rad 100 is a 100 mA, 100 PPS line frequency fixed X-Ray solution that combines excellent tube head movement & intuitive user interface and is ideal for Nursing Homes, Poly Clinics, Diagnostic Centres etc. This device features an Anatomical programming feature that ensures optimal radiation exposure for the body part being imaged.



  • Soft touch control

    Soft touch control

    BPL X Rad 100 is powered by an advanced user friendly operator console with soft touch control of all radiographic parameters. A state of the art microcontroller is used to control various programs.

  • Counter balanced tube head

    Counter balanced tube head

    With an user friendly counter-balanced tube head, X RAD 100 makes your everyday operations easy and convenient.

  • Sufficient Storage space

    Sufficient Storage space

    With a tray dedicated for accessories, you will never run out of shelf space for your accessories, notepad etc.

  • Anatomical Programming

    Anatomical Programming

    Anatomical Programming for precise selection of kV & mAs based on patient’s anatomy. There are user configurable 155 anatomical programs

  • Independent Ammeter

    Independent Ammeter

    Independent Ammeter for indication of Tube Current

  • Independent Voltmeter

    Independent Voltmeter

    Independent Voltmeter for monitoring input line voltage

  • Self-Diagnostic Program

    Self-Diagnostic Program

    X Rad 100 is built with self-diagnostic programming to minimize downtime. It also comes with memory to retain the last selected factors

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