H-RAD 32/40*/50**

H-RAD 32/40*/50**

Introducing BPL H-RAD 32, BPL H-RAD 40 & BPL H-RAD 50 models of high-frequency fixed X-ray machines that come with High-frequency X-ray generator with rotating anode X-ray tube, High brightness LED collimator and APR technology with density control for high-quality output, along with a 40-125kVp range for greater flexibility in radiographical examinations. It also comes with a self-diagnostic program for increased uptime, radiation safety for patients and staff, and an optional AEC for even more precise imaging.
H-RAD 32/40*/50**



  • Soft touch control panel

    Soft touch control panel

    BPL H Rad 32 is powered by an advanced user friendly operator console with soft touch control of all radiographic parameters. A state of the art microcontroller is used to control various programs.

  • Counter Balanced Tube Head

    Counter Balanced Tube Head

    Counter-balanced tube head of H-RAD 32 makes it easy and convenient to use

  • Anatomical Programming

    Anatomical Programming

    Anatomical Programming for precise selection of kV & mAs based on patient’s anatomy. There are user configurable 216 program options

  • Automatic calibration

    Automatic calibration

    Automatic calibration helps in high consistency for exposures and image quality by reproducing exposure parameters using the feedback loop

  • Exposure Control

    Exposure Control

    Automatic exposure control to optimize X-Ray dose to patient and operator (Optional)

  • Remote Diagnostic tool

    Remote Diagnostic tool

    H-RAD 32 comes with the remote diagnostic and service tool (optional). The device also has a self-diagnsotic program to minimize downtime

  • Superior image quality

    Superior image quality

    High frequency 32 kW X-Ray generator combined with a comprehensive user interface delivers impeccable images

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