Penlon Prima 451 (MRI Compatible)

Penlon Prima 451(MRI Compatible)

When it comes to MRI anaesthesia needs, one size never fits all. Introducing the latest high-end anesthesia system, Penlon Prima 451 -  A compact MRI anaesthesia system with advanced patient support modes, designed for use with 1.5 and 3-tesla scanners. Prima 451 has a sophisticated design, tested for performance stability and effect on the image, and is built for the special requirements of the anaesthetist working in the MRI suite.
The workstation has a strong core specification including an integrated AV-S Ventilator and A200SP Absorber. With six ventilation modes and patient support for spontaneous breathing, the machine is suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patient categories. A mechanical hypoxic device, backup O2 gas delivery system and automatic drive gas switching keeps patient safety at the fore.
Penlon Prima 451 brings the advanced anaesthesia functionality of the operating room to your MRI suite in a single, integrated package. Equipped with an autoclavable absorber and adjustable bag mount, the workstation is robust and efficient by all means.
Penlon Prima 451 (MRI Compatible)



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