Cardiart GenX3 3-channel ECG

Cardiart GenX33-channel ECG

A new-generation 3-channel ECG recorder that comes with the advanced Glasgow ECG Interpretation algorithm, Cardiart GenX3 gives you the choice to select the darkness of the trace, has soft color-coded silicone function keys for one-touch operation and PC Interface for real-time data transfer & data management - all combined inside a compact, easy-to-use ECG device.
Cardiart GenX3 3-channel ECG


  • Alphanumeric Keypad

    Alphanumeric Keypad

    Alphanumeric keypad with soft touch offers convenient patient data and hospital information entry. Dedicated keys are available for ease of operation

  • Color TFT Display

    Color TFT Display

    GenX3 comes equipped with a wide 4.3 inch 65K color TFT display to observe 12-lead real time ECG waveforms.

  • Integral Handle

    Integral Handle

    GenX3 is ergonomically built with built-in power supply and is easy-to-carry with the integral handle making it sturdy and portable.

  • One-touch Operation

    One-touch Operation

    GenX3 comes with color coded silicone function keys for soft and one-touch operation.

  • Advanced interpretation module

    Advanced interpretation module

    Based on Glasgow algorithm, GenX3 interprets ECGs based on age, gender and race. Acknowledged as being one of the best interpretation algorithm in the world, Glasgow algorithm is tested across all major ethnic groups and has clinical applications across populations.

  • Detailed Analysis

    Detailed Analysis

    The interpretation report comes as a short and detailed version. It also shows the comprehensive analysis along with the medians.

  • QT Measurements

    QT Measurements

    Glasgow algorithm facilitates assessment of cardiac risk through accurate QT measurements.

  • STEMI Interpretations

    STEMI Interpretations

    With the help of the algorithm, GenX3 is very effective in interpreting STEMI (ST Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction) based on age and gender dependent criteria.

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