Technological Advancements in Mechanical Ventilation

Ventilators are medical devices generally found in a healthcare setting, that provide respiratory support to patients who are incapable of breathing sufficiently by themselves. In recent years, technological advancements in mechanical ventilation have greatly improved the way patients receive care from their healthcare providers.

Ventilators have now been upgraded with several modes of operation and various other features, making these devices extremely efficient and user-friendly. In this blog, we will explore some of the recent developments in mechanical ventilation technology.

HFNC and HFOT (Non-Invasive Ventilation Modes)

In medical terms, HFNC stands for High-Flow Nasal Cannula and HFOT stands for High-Flow Oxygen Therapy. Both HFNC and HFOT are two modes of Non-Invasive ventilation that use nasal cannula to deliver ventilation.

Compared to other forms of ventilation such as intubation, HFNC and HFOT are relatively easier to use and more comfortable for patients requiring ventilation support. Most of the ventilators are now equipped with an inbuilt HFNC application that enable clinicians to start with HFNC mode, and then escalate to different modes such as NIV, IV, etc. all on just a single device.

HFNT and HFOT have gained a lot of attention especially during the time of covid pandemic. Overall, both HFOT and HFNC ventilation modes are increasingly popular in the field of mechanical ventilation.

NIV (Non-Invasive Ventilation Mode)

Many clinicians are practising Non-invasive mask ventilation (NIV) involving delivery of oxygen to the patient's lungs using a mask, without the need for intubation. NIV is becoming increasingly popular, and many ventilator manufacturers are incorporating NIV modes as standard in their ventilators. 

While both HFNT/HFOT and NIV modes are non-invasive ventilation modes, they differ in the way oxygen is provided to the patient. Depending on the patient’s condition and clinician’s assessment, an appropriate mode can be selected.

Closed Loop Ventilation

The term “closed-loop ventilation” is essentially a feedback loop, requiring minimal inputs from the caregivers. These mechanical ventilators are intelligent enough to monitor and understand the changes in the patient’s lung dynamics and then adjust the parameters automatically.

Closed loop ventilation uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor a patient’s breathing pattern and adjust the ventilation settings accordingly. This technology allows for personalised ventilation, reduces human intervention to an extent and can improve patient outcomes.

Advance Ventilation Modes

Understanding the optimal ventilation setting is key to successful ventilation therapy. Some ventilator features advanced ventilation modes that can even assist clinicians during CPR without disconnecting the ventilator from the patient. Such ventilators also provide more modes, parameters, and tools to help clinicians to go for lung protective ventilation.

Trans Pulmonary pressure measurement, Lung recruitment with tools to determine the optimal PEEP, Safe window, Cuff pressure management to avoid VAP risks, EtCO2 & SPO2 monitoring etc are some of the features available in latest ventilators.

Weaning indicators, analysers, parameters, and protocols are becoming standard offerings in most ICU ventilators. All of these help clinicians determine a patient's status in the weaning process and generate a dependable prognosis for their readiness in extubation.

Ventilator Integrated Tomography

Ventilator Integrated Tomography, or VIT, is a very effective tool for lung imaging without the need for an X-ray. With this technology, continuous imaging of the lung function has become possible. By linking VIT with the measuring and control technology of intensive care ventilators, a wide range of clinical problems can be assessed, and appropriate therapeutic decisions can be made.

Ventilators for Remote Patient Care

On top of many features, there are several modern ventilators that also offer wireless connectivity, remote diagnosis etc allowing healthcare providers to monitor patients remotely and adjust ventilation settings in real-time. These have become essential tools in modern ventilation care.

Quality Ventilator Technology - The BPL Advantage

The field of mechanical ventilation is constantly evolving. Utilizing a modern ventilator allows you to personalize the ventilation process for your patients, reduce complications and in turn, improve patient outcomes. It is, therefore, important for healthcare professionals to stay up to date on the latest advancements and procure these technologies into their healthcare setting.

At BPL Medical technologies, we understand the challenges in keeping up with these latest advancements. We are committed to support professionals like you by offering a range of quality, user-friendly and latest ventilator models that are equipped with advanced ventilation modes, weaning indicators and protocols for both, neonatal as well as adult patient categories. With easy upgrade options, we have ventilator models to meet varied needs & workflow of a healthcare setting,

We are always within your reach.

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is strictly for educational & information purposes only. Should you need assistance to make an informed decision, kindly contact us.


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